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16ADRG presents :

Military Expo Weekend 2023

7955 58th Ave, Vero Beach, FL 32967

Indian River County Fairgrounds

December 9th (9am to 4pm) and December 10th (10am to 5pm) 2023

Welcome to our Annual Military Expo Weekend page. This page contains the registration form for the event. Please register below by filling out the registration form - this way you will receive free ammo, free food and free entrance to the gun show. Please check out the registered vehicles and reenactment groups list. If you are a vendor, please fill out the registration form. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us here


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Partners of the event:

This section will be continuously updated

Registered vehicles :

  • 1944 Willys MB

  • 1942 Ford GPW

  • 1945 Dodge WC51

  • 1943 Bantam T3 trailer

  • 1941 White M3A1 Scout Car

  • 1941 Dodge D19 Staff car

  • 1944 Kubelwagen Type 82

  • 1943 M3 37mm AT gun

  • 1941 M2 Halftrack

  • 1991 M1097 Humvee

  • 1942 Willys MB

Registered reenactment groups :

  • 16th Armored Division Reenactment Group ( US WW2 )

  • 59th Fussilier battalion ( German WW2 )

  • Battle of Yellow Pines - Jim O'Dell group ( US Civil war)

  • Volks Sturm ( German WW2)

  • Hattori Han ( Japanese Imperial Army)

  • 1st SS LAH ( German WW2 )

  • Kampfgruppe Southern Adler ( German WW2 )

Here is an update to the Military Expo Weekend in Vero Beach this December.

At this time we kindly ask everyone interested in participating to register. 

We know that December is still months away, but we are already planning and believe me - it takes some time. The registration is free, takes about 1-2 minutes to complete and it will give us a solid idea how much and what caliber ammunition we will need, also how much food we will have to plan for. We are trying to make this event fun for everyone, especially for you - reenactors, MV owners / operators and other military historians. So with out registering you might not be able to get free ammo and food/drinks.

We are looking forward to making this event epic.

Please click on the jeep to see a video from last year's reenactment.

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