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Our motorpool - restoring and maintaining vehicles

A big part of what we are doing is keeping military vehicles from WW2 on the road. They are all fully road worthy and registered. Periodical maintenance and repairs are keeping these vehicles available for displays and events. We still have two vehicles in mid restoration stage. Vehicles are owned, registered and insured by our volunteers.

1944 Willys MB
1944 Willys MB

This Willys was discovered in North Florida in 2018. After two years of restoration work, this jeep is our "work horse" on most of the events we attend. The vehicle was named " Well Oiled Machine". Frame up restoration into 16th AD markings was done by Pavel's Restoration in Jupiter, FL.

             Visit a facebook page dedicated to the story of this jeep. Click HERE

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1945 Dodge WC51
1945 Dodge WC 51 Troop Carrier

Dodge was purchased in Miami, FL and made mechanically sound for safety and reliability. Finally this truck received a new paintjob and 16AD markings, as they were photographed during the liberation of Pilsen, Czechoslovakia in May 1945.

Vehicle was named "All The Way". This unit is used mostly for a troop transport duties during our reenactments.

1941 White M3A1 Scout Car
1942 White M3A1 Scout Car

Our M3A1 Scout Car is very rare vehicle, and we are very proud of it. This vehicle was used for infantry transport and support, armed with one .50cal M2HB machine gun on a trolley cradle as well as additional .30cal 1919 BMG light machine gun. Scout car has the original Hercules JXD six-cylinder engine, which produces 110HP. Originally designed in 1939, our M3A1 was built in 1942. This vehicle became quickly obsolete, due to lack of protection from the top and was gradually replaced by Halftrack and M8 Greyhound armored car.

1942 White M2A1 halftrack
1942 White M2A1 Halftrack

Our Halftrack is currently undergoing a restoration and transmission overhaul. This vehicle was used as an armored personnel carrier (APC), armed with one .50cal M2HB machine gun on pedestal mount as well as additional two .30cal 1919 BMG light machine guns. We hope to have our Halftrack ready soon.

1942 Ford GPW
1942 Ford GPW

This Ford GPW is finished as an USAAF jeep used by the 12th Airforce during African campaign in Tunisia. That is why she has the unusual tan color. Tan paint was applied in the field by the maintenance personnel for better camouflage against Luftwaffe's ground attacks. Vehicle was purchased from a private party in St. Petersburg, FL as a restoration project. After two years of restoration work she is ready for action at our events.

Work was done by Pavel's Restoration in Jupiter, FL

1943 Bantam T3 Trailer
1943 Bantam T3 trailer

Additional transporting capabilities of the WW2 jeep was done by attaching this military trailer to the vehicle. This particular trailer was built by Bantam Auto Company in 1943 and was restored and placed in service in 2022. This trailer is being used at most of our events paired up with our 1944 Willys MB jeep. This trailer features all original sheet metal, which is rare, due to common severe corrosion of the tub.

1941 Dodge D19 Luxury liner
1940 Dodge D19 Luxury Liner

Our D19 Staff car is a period correct vehicle, that would be used by the US Army at high ranking officers discretion. Official use of these vehicles included transport to and from meetings, visits and other. This particular vehicle was never used by the US military, however since being a period correct car it is being utilized at our events in it's staff car conversion.

1936 Ford.jpg
1936 Ford truck

Another addition to the motor pool is this Ford truck. We would like to enhance our reenactment with some German vehicles and this type of truck was used by German military as a cargo / troop carrier. Our plan is to restore this vehicle into that configuration and use it as axis transport during our reenactments and living history displays. We hope to have the truck ready for this year's season. Stay tuned.

WC63 40mm Bofors.jpg
1943 Dodge WC63

To insure our Anti Aircraft ( AA ) defense ability, we purchased this Dodge WC63 truck with a 1943 L/6 Bofors AA 40mm autocannon. This truck has been modified to accommodate the Bofors gun and as far as we know, there is no any documents or pictures in existence to prove that these weapons were ever mounted on WC63 trucks. Typically they were mounted to CCKW units. However - this truck gives us a great platform to carry the gun around and allows us to demonstrate and display this very nice piece of history. Truck is waiting to be restored and gas firing system will be installed into the de militarized Bofors.

Please contact us to secure our vehicles for your event, parade or party. We can provide our vehicles with WW2 displays.

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