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Preserving History

Uniforms, personal belongings, photographs...

All of these items do not have to be forgotten in the past! We collect these items to be preserved and displayed for the public to see. It is amazing to see items, which were used daily by people who helped save our future...


Lt. Mello's uniform

This uniform used to belong to First Lieutenant George Mello, who served with 5th Corps / 16th Armored Division. His uniform was purchased from eBay. We have preserved it and now it is part of our displays.


Forgotten aviators

This collection of photographs, headsets and hats were obtained from an estate sale. These pictures are still in their original frames. They show how young these individuals were when they went to fight for our freedom.


Local heroes

The uniforms we collect are mostly from local residents in South Florida. Relatives always appreciate the fact that we take care of the uniforms and display them at events. For us, this is the way to keep their legacy alive.

Local heroes
Local heroes

Cpl. Edwin Grasso

This beautiful USAAF uniform was aquired from Mrs. Bonita Grasso of Vero Beach. Her dad, Cpl Edwin Grasso served with Far East Airforce (FEA), which eventually became the 5th airforce. Cpl. Grasso was born in 1926 and passed away in 2017. We are happy to be able to preserve his uniform and to keep his legacy alive. On the pictures is Cpl. Grasso during his service and his uniform placed on a display manequin.

If you have any items, uniforms, memorabilia or WW2 period personal belongings you would like to donate to us for displays, please contact us here.

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