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16th Armored Division Reenactment Group staff

We are all working hard to keep this organization running.

Our board of directors is group of people with the same passion for WW2 history. 

We proudly support Boy Scouts of America Exploring Post # 016, which is typically part of our events,

reenactments and displays. Please scroll below to meet our board members: 

Pavel Karasek
Lt. Pavel Karasek

Pavel is the President of the organization and main POC. With his military background and current paramilitary public safety officer position, he is leading our youth group in reenactments and training.

Michael Roberts
Col. Michael Roberts

Mike is the Vice President. His knowledge about reenacting makes him the main battle coordinator at our events, He is in charge of props and pyrotechnics during the reenactments.

Kimberly karasek
Kim Karasek

Kim is the secretary of the board of directors. She is in charge of all legal and organizational matters. Kim is the main POC to deal with agencies. During the reenactments, she is the adjutant general of our unit.

Yvette Amador
Yvette Amador

Yvette is the treasurer of the board of directors. She is in charge of all finances. At the events she functions as a photographer and member of the support team. She is also in charge of receiving applications at the events.

David Redington
David Redington

David joined our Board of Directors with his passion for WW2 history. His family members served in WW2. David is in charge of weapons displays and maintenance. His expertise comes from years of military weapons collecting.  

Scott Ciliento
Scott Ciliento

Scott is a valued board member of our organization. With his experience with transporting heavy equipment, he is in charge of logistics during our events. Scott handles transportation of our heavy Armored vehicles to the sites.

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